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updated December 1,1998


Many thanks for my first copy of Echoes! It arrived today, and I really really like it!

I thought I was buying it to read Jenkins . . . I am delighted to find so many more in this issue -- each of them alone is enough to make Echoes a good buy . . . High quality and impact! [1997 Memorial Day issue]

A.R.,  The Netherlands

"Plateau Lands" by H. Lee Barnes in the Memorial Day issue is right there, "in the pocket". . . He has done what I am still trying to do. Great Vietnam story!

G.H. Pittsburgh, PA

"My sixth grade students enjoyed the stories and poems . . . I just received the Memorial Day issue and am anxious to share it with my students.

"Thanks for a great magazine!" 

M.I.   Rowland Heights, CA

one of the best issues ever -- I received my copies of the [1997] Memorial Day issue of Echoes a couple of days ago, and wanted to thank you and let you know I think it's one of the best issues ever - not because it includes some of my poetry, but because of the balance of scenarios and locations it represents. It represents many points of view and provides a vivid coverage.

clear, sharp layout and illustrations -- As usual, I'm impressed by the clear, sharp layout and the illustrations, which are well-chosen and play well off the poems and stories. I especially liked three of the illos in this issue - the ones on pages 19, 25, and 58. The ones on 19 and 58 have a strongly Celtic look to them which seems to relate well to the content of the poems, and the one on 25 is especially apt in connection with the Navajo code talker poem. The code talkers, as you probably know, were employed by the Marines in WWII against the Japanese to ensure communications security through use of a language that the Japanese weren't familiar with.

faithful representation -- I also want to mention something for which I'm particularly grateful - the careful proofreading you and the staff give the issues before going to press. I've had two experiences in the last 6 months with other magazines, in which poems I was especially proud of had been badly mangled and their sense and mood distorted . . . It's always a pleasure to see the faithful representation Echoes assures our poems.

--J.H.J. Fairfax, VA (USMC, retired)

Thank you for encouraging me to continue writing. The excitement of seeing the publication of my first completed short story ["Cradle Dreams", issue 16] still glows every time I open the magazine. Thanks also to Ferrilyn Sourdiffe for the illustrations which capture Grandpa so well. I also especially enjoyed reading "The Last Run", and I plan to share several of the poems with my students. I look forward to reading future issues and plan to renew my subscription. Thanks again for providing a readable magazine with an editorial philosophy which reflects much of what I believe about teaching and art.

--A.M. Dodgeville, NY

Very nice magazine! I like it alot! It's so neat and compact!

-- J.F. Bayville, NJ

Let us know what you think

"[Echoes] is a magazine of ordinary people with something extraordinary to say. It is well worth your time to listen."

-- From the review by George "Gunny" Fallon

"I'm glad I subscribe to Echoes. Of all the journals I take, it's definitely the most fun to read. Congratulations on such a fine magazine."

W.S., Bakersfield, CA

"I received my first copy of Echoes yesterday -- attractive, gracefully compact, the work inside eloquently simple."

E. C. , Washington

"I love Echoes! A resonant, poignant, reflective publication."

M. H., Monmouth, IL

"You and the staff of Echoes have done an excellent job with [Issue 14]. I liked the poems by Jack Bolsen ["My Lady Melancholy"] and April Petross, and the graphics, drawings, and overall design are outstanding. The cover illustration [by Erin Higgins] is wonderful! And I loved Vicky Perry's illustrations for "July Firecrackers", "Homeless", "Every Day is Mother's Day", and "Queen of the Lake". Not only are the drawings great, she did an excellent job of illuminating the stories and poems they accompany. "

J.W., Menlo Park, CA

"Echoes is fantastic"

K.R., McHenry, IL

"My copies of the [1996] Memorial Day issue arrived today, and what a good-looking issue it is! Easily your best. There's a very good balance among viewpoints, and the editorial note pulls it all together. I hope you're as proud of this issue as I am glad to have it."

J.H.J., Fairfax, VA

"The magazine is delightful, the stories and poetry exceptional!"

N.A., Macon, GA

"I'm proud to be a contributor to your fine 1996 Memorial Day issue. Thank you for a job well done!"

C. D. B., Statesville, SC

Anything this good deserves support

"My only regret is that I did not know of Echoes two years sooner. I was immediately impressed by its high-quality look, its clean-cut presentation, its easy-to-read print, and its book-like format. I've had a chance to read only several selections, but I enjoyed them . . . And a bi-monthly, no less! Fantastic!"

"Anything this good deserves support, so here's my subscription check . . . Also, please send me writer guidelines."

N.P., Deer Park, NY

"I just finished reading my first copy of Echoes Magazine. I scored the Winter 1995-96 edition at Barnes and Noble and must say I was very impressed. The poetry and stories remained very readable while compelling inspiration. One could get very close to the works and secure a personal interpretation along with a myriad of other possible meanings. I was especially drawn into the Lone Driver's "The Cross of Bethany Lutheran." I hope to see more of this author's work in future issues. ..."

D.W. (e-mail)

"I enjoyed Echoes very much. As a poet, I especially appreciated that you gave each poem space to breathe. Too many mags go for the quantity-blasting methods, and quite a bit of work goes unnoticed. I also enjoyed the works, especially Jennifer Hall's "The Unthinker." I look back at the work I produced at [her age], and...I firmly believe this girl is going to go places."

C.B., South Lyon, MI

"Here's a little something just for fun; you must have encountered this kind of situation more than once. Enjoy, and best wishes."


The editor read, with his brow in a furrow,
the poem that wrote of a donkey as "burrow".

Rejecting this error of spelling and fact,

he asked if the author would clean up his act.

"OK, OK, so I added a W.

Tell me, O Editor -- why should that trouble you?"

The editor's answer made echoes resound:

"You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground."


". . . it would be an honor to be published in your excellent magazine."

D.G., North Bethesda, MD

"Thank you for publishing my poem...in [issue 9] of Echoes. I was especially touched by the sketch that accompanied it, not only because you chose to illustrate my poem, but that the artwork itself was so perfect. Thank you."

D.L., Shreveport, LA

noble and uplifting in content, yet without any religious overtones

I wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the sample issue that you sent us! It truly was like no other magazine that we are aware of in that it was not "intellectual", but was exceedingly well done, noble and uplifting in content, yet without any religious overtones whatsoever."

G.M., Ft. Collins, CO

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