"throughout the issues I reviewed, there is an underlying theme of remembrance - for the friends, places, and events of yesterday with a sense of hope for tomorrow, and the next day and the next..."

"Contributing authors and artists come from around the world and from all walks of life. -- It is a magazine of ordinary people with something extraordinary to say. It is well worth your time to listen."

"A significant number of the magazine's contributors are veterans and . . . the Memorial Day issue each year is dedicated to all vets . . . the publisher encourages veterans to submit their work for consideration." Note: The deadline for the annual Memorial Day issue is February 15.

"Email the publisher at for more information."

Reviewed by George M. "Gunny" Fallon. To see the whole review -- and a great site with lots of information, links, and music from the Vietnam War era -- go to Gunny's Page, otherwise known as The Meadow Years.

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updated December 1,1998

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