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CAPVet'sWeb Site  (NewURL)

Tim Duffie's attractive site centers on the Wall and remembrances of some special people. This site and the CAP Web Site highlight the unique contribution of the Combined Action Platoons - US Marines who lived in Vietnamese villages to protect, teach and work towards a foundation for peace.

GulfWar Veteran Resource Pages

Award-winningvet's site with a 60's feel & sound -- and a review ofEchoes!

Korean War Project

MilitaryBrats Online

dedicatedto linking brats everywhere with their past, friends, family andheritage.

MilitaryBrats Registry

MINERVAwomen and the military

Informationand inspiration --Web site, newsletter, andmore!

Veteran and Military Pagesthe most complete list we've found

Vietnam Veterans Against WarAddresses and contact information

Vietnam Veterans Home PageAnnouncements,stories, poetry, a virtual PX...

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