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Table of Contents
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  • Megadeth and Pirates by Shay Story
  • Silent Voices by Jennifer L. Martin
  • Light on Rainbow Mountain by Janice Porter Hayes
  • Glass Castles by Lisa D. Falk


  • Hard Snow by Robert Carlson
  • At Your Country Wedding by Leonard Sanazaro
  • Labor Day by Elsie Wear Stockwell
  • Ancient Master, Li Po by Kristin Pfeifer
  • Nectarine by Marilyn Injeyan
  • And I Couldn't by Ralph S. Coleman
  • A Farewell by Dorothy K. Fletcher
  • I Have Left the Counting of Stars to You
    by Andrew P. Williams
  • Last Call by E. Michael Desilets
  • Dog by James S. Proffitt

PLUS - Illustrations by

  • Eric Davidick
  • Erin Higgins,
  • Vicky Perry
  • Allan Tollefson

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