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Echoes is a filled with terrific stories, poems and illustrations by people in all walks of life -- beginner and seasoned professional alike. It's fun to read and not afraid to be thought-provoking. Many issues contain stories or poetry of special interest to students and teachers -- work related to youth and growing up, dynamics of families and relationships, and important social issues ranging from abuse to aging -- and the Memorial Day issues are always engaging and thought-provoking. (Available by subscription and in many bookstores throughout the country.)


Using Echoes in the classroom

Students respond to the meaningful content and the variety of styles and voices used by the different writers -- and they appreciate the fact that the writers are "ordinary people".

Our Writer Kit and other aids to writers bring together material that every beginning writer needs. All of this material is available online.

We recommend Echoes for high schools, but teachers have reported success using Echoes with sixth-graders.

The writing contest for teens only is a great encouragement to young writers.

I read "Burn Out" by Doug Rennie to my sixth-grade students. They understood the anti-war message and indictment against racial bias. It's a powerful story and they got a lot out of it. When we get back in January, we will be reading more Echoes. -- M.I., Rowland Heights, CA

I use your editing checklist in my Creative Writing class. It's easy to understand and gives students a second source for some of the principles I teach. -- B.C.; Somerset, NJ

"Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."

The Memorial Day issues are powerful learning tools!

Social studies and history teachers find that the three (so far) Memorial Day editions provide a unique look at how war and terrorism affect individual people. All too often, discussions revolve around "National interest", the political process, and impact on the economy -- important concerns, to be sure -- but the impact on individual people is often lost.

Even when discussions are oriented towards ethics and morality, it is easy for people to generalize and lose perspective on the impact on individuals. The Echoes Memorial Day editions provide an "up close and personal" look at how war and terrorism affect people, plus some good insight into life in the military. More info/Order copies

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