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Susan Bareford is a 53-year old North Carolina native whosays she has been blessed with five children -- including identicaltwin boys. She earned a B.A. from Mary Baldwin College and now workswith the Health Care Administration of the State of Virginia. Susantells us that she writes poetry as a way to understand the way shereally feels about things. (4/94) . "ToRobert, from Francesa" - Issue #3

H. Lee Barnes teaches English and creative writing at theCommunity College of Southern Nevada. As a member of the U.S. ArmySpecial Forces, he served in the Dominican Republic in 1965 andVietnam in 1966; it was in Vietnam where he came up with the settingfor "Plateau Lands." This story is the fifth of his stories relatedto Vietnam to be published. "Hero of the Gap" won the 1991 ArizonaAuthors Association fiction award and "A Lovely Day in the A ShauValley" won the 1996 Clackamas Literary Review fiction award.(4/97) "Plateau Lands" - Issue #17 (MemorialDay 1997)

Jeffrey Barnes is a graduate of Colorado State University,with a degree in English and creative writing. Now twenty-one, he isnow doing graduate work at Colorado State. His favorite activitiesare writing and coaching basketball. He feels that working with wordsand with children both involve a creative energy that needs to bedeveloped and disciplined. (8/94) ."Crocodiles Don't Come Around Here Anymore" - Issue#4

Steven Barza is an associate professor of creative writingat the University of Richmond, and has been writing since college. Hehas been published in MSS, Ascent, The Black Warrior Review,and other literary journals. He seeks to capture moments ofunderstanding and emotional intensity in his work.(6/96)

"The Rover's Itinerary"

Issue #2

"Chesapeake Weekend"

Issue #14

Carole Bellacera served as a medical technician in the AirForce and is now a full-time writer. She met her husband (whorecently retired after twenty-one years of service) while she was inthe service, and their travels with the Air Force have contributedideas and settings to her writing. Carole has been published innumerous magazines and has several writing prizes to her credit,including the 1994 National Writers Association Novel Contest. Herscreenplay "Border Crossings" won the 1995 Great American ScriptSearch. (2/96)

"Water of the Pearl"

Issue #4

"Soft Rain Falling"

Issue #8  (Memorial Day 1995)

"Sour Balls and Wiesbaden"

Issue #12


Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)

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C. David Benbow is a husband, father of five, attorney, andArmy veteran who now lives in Statesville, North Carolina. In 1968and 1969, David served in Korea's DMZ, where two members of hisplatoon were killed and four more wounded in three unnoted firefightswith North Koreans. "No one knew except those of us who were thereand the families of the dead." David's poem "The Flak Jacket" won the1995 Southern Prize for Literature. (4/97)

"The Southern Prize"

Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)

"Farmin' 1968"

Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)

"Last Thing Seen"

Issue #17 (Memorial Day 1997)

"No Tinkling of His Dog Tags"

Issue #17 (Memorial Day 1997)


Brent E. Betit is a native Vermonter. He is a senioradministrator at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont -- a college forstudents with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Brent'spoetry and fiction recently appeared in Vermont Magazine andBrussels Sprout. He studied creative writing and literature atDartmouth College. (8/95)  


Issue #3

"Dark Sound"

Issue #3


Issue #10

Jack Bolsen was born in 1967, and grew up in a smallfarming community. He discovered poetry at the age of sixteen, andsince then poetry has always been a part of his life. He hasparticularly enjoyed reading Sharon Olds ("a must"), ChristinaRosetti, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Frost. "Poetry can be a form ofcreative therapy, as was the case with 'My Lady Melancholy'."(6/96) "MyLady Melancholy" - Issue #14

Julianne Bonnet is twenty-four, a student in San FranciscoState University's creative writing program, and a recent winner ofthe Knebel Scholarship for Poetry. She wrote her first series ofpoems at age six, but has only been pursuing writing seriously forlittle over a year. Julianne has relied primarily on her ownexperiences as the inspiration for poetry, but is now drawing from awider variety of sources. (8/94) . "Mockeryof the Marriage Bed" & "Onto Macon" - Issue #4

Shelby Bower spent her childhood in Istanbul, Oxford, andSeoul, and is a student at George Washington University. At sixteen,she was inspired by Audre Lorde's essay "Poetry is not a Luxury" andnow finds inspiration in the work of Carolyn Forche, Li-Young Lee,and Linda McCarriston. She plans to find a place in her work for thevoice of the "woman warrior poet." (6/94) ."Cancun" & "Whales" - Issue #3

Cristiana C. Brafman was born in Rio de Janeiro and nowlives in London, where she is a junior at the Southbank InternationalSchool. She especially enjoys reading Pablo Neruda ("whom I adore")and Philip Capputo. In addition to reading and writing, Cris enjoysastronomy, rollerblading, and cruising the Internet. She plans tostudy computers or astronomy in college. (6/96)Cristiana contributed the poem "Fatal Tonight" for thestory "Runaway", by The Lone Driver " - Issue #14

Kent Braithwaite is thirty-nine years old, happily married,and the father of three children. A graduate of Claremont McKennaCollege and Claremont Graduate School, he has been teaching Englishat a comprehensive high school and was named "Teacher of the Year" in1989 and 1991. His poetry and fiction have appeared in Aethlon:The Journal of Sport Literature, Mobius, Spitball,Red Herring Mystery Magazine, and many others.(4/97)


Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)


Issue #17 (Memorial Day 1997)


Evelyn V. Brodhag has been writing since she was eightyears old. After 18 years at work, she returned to college and gother B.A. in English, and now continues as a full-time secretary andpart-time writer. She bases her work primarily on observations of thehuman condition and tries to extract a moral from events she sees andexperiences. (1/94) . "ThePlowman's Tale" - Issue #1

Kerri Brostrom lives in Minneapolis with her husband, theirfourteen-year-old son, and "six stray cats." Her writings haveappeared in numerous magazines including Touchstone,Wisconsin Review, and Maryland Poetry Review.(7/97) "In the Hospital" - Issue #18

DeMorge L. Brown, 28, is a film actor and developing writerwho lives in Boston. "How Close She Is to Killing Him" is part of anovel he hopes to be able to complete within a year. DeMorge tellsus, "I write to learn and I write to understand. There's a lot Idon't know, so I guess my work is cut out for me!"(6/94) . "HowClose She Comes to Killing Him" - Issue #3


























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