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NOTE: Bios were provided by the writers and were current as of the date originally prepared. (Shown near the end of each listing.)

(updated October 14, 1997)

Louis Faber is a forty-three-year-old corporate attorney.He has been writing poetry for twenty-seven years, and has recentlybeen published in Footwork, Negative Capability, ExquisiteCorpse and others. His poems are based on the beauty and horrorhe sees around him daily. In his spare time Louis reads Umberto Eco,Marge Piercy, Corso, and Primo Levi. (2/96)"Feeder" - Issue #12

Lisa D. Falk, thirty-one, lives in Boston, where she isworking on her first novel. She studied writing at Columbia, theUniversity of Iowa, and Boston University. Lisa's favorite writersinclude Joyce Carol Oates, Susan Minot, John Updike, and Amy Bloom."These writers have shown me that the ordinary -- when clearlyilluminated -- can be transformed into something extraordinary."(7/97) "Glass Castles" Issue #18

Joseph Farley, thirty-four, has been writing seriouslysince he was seventeen. A former public relations specialist, for thepast five years he has been investigating discrimination cases andhas been the editor of The Axe Factory Review since 1986. He hasseveral chapbooks and his work has also appeared in Mudville Diariesand The Next Parish Over: A Collection of Irish-American Writing.(8/96) "Fish Pond, Ji'an, JiangziProvince" - Issue #15

Diana Festa is a professor of French literature at BrooklynCollege and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.She has published extensively in the field of literary criticism, buther real passion is poetry. Many of her poems deal with war &emdash;as a child in Italy during WWII, Diana lived through many bombings.   (12/96)   


Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)

"Perspectives of Frost"

Issue #16

Adam Fisher's poetry has appeared in a wide variety ofjournals and in two books of poems. He has also published shortstories for children, two volumes of Jewish liturgy, and twotextbooks. For the past twenty-four years, Adam has been the rabbi ofTemple Isaiah in Stony Brook, New York. (6/95)"BrokenWindow" - Issue #9

Dorothy K. Fletcher has taught language arts in the DuvalCounty School System for the past twenty-three years. She haspublished a children's book, and her poetry has appeared in theKey West Review, Galley Sail Review, Rough Draftand Beyond Doggerel. She also has had several articlespublished in various magazines. (7/97) "AFarewell" - Issue #18

Lloyd Alan Fletcher is a thirty-three-year-old businessresearch consultant who now lives in suburban Connecticut and hasbeen writing poetry "seriously" for about two years. Alan grew up inthe industrial midlands of England; this background, and the ruggedwest of Cornwall, serve as a breeding ground for his poetry. Amonghis favorite poets, Lloyd names Robert Frost, Ted Hughes, and WilfredOwen. (2/96) .

"Remembering the Fall"

Issue #12

"Tales Untold"

Issue #14

"The Man-Engine"

Issue #16

"When the Bottom of Dolcoath Fell In"

Issue #16

Check out Lloyd's poetry home page !

K. L. Flohr, twenty, has been writing seriously for aboutfour years, concentrating on poetry that explores interpersonalissues and family relationships. She wrote "Burial" after the deathof her aunt in 1995. Her favorite poets include Walt Whitman, RobertFrost, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn.   (12/96) "Burial" -Issue #16

David Ford, a member of "the forty-somethings," works as amanagement consultant. He states that his first attempts at poetrywere made when he was fifteen and remain in a private file. Sincethen he has written almost exclusively for business. He believes thatfiction is a great medium for exploring the boundaries of ourunderstanding about life and eternity. (2/95)"BrotherlyLove" - Issue #7

James Frazer and his wife live in Searcy, Arkansas. After asuccessful 17-year career in financial services, he is now pursuing asecond career in teaching and writing. He draws from his backgroundwhen he writes, but is often inspired by dreams, experiences andrevelations. (4/94) "Elijah Will Come" - Issue #2

Alan Freer is a senior at Utah State University, where heis completing a triple major in English, philosophy, and liberalarts. He has been writing poetry for the last six years, and findsthat his best inspiration comes after 11 PM.(12/95) "No Fault Asphalt" - Issue #6

Samantha L. Friel is a law student who writes poetry anddoes readings in her spare time. She has been writing poems forseveral years and has recently been published in White SandsPoetry Review, Strong Coffee, and others. Samantha names WallaceStevens, Albert Goldbarth, and Elizabeth Bishop as importantinfluences. (8/95) "An Island" -Issue #10

























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