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NOTE: Bios were provided by the writers and were current as of the date originally prepared. (Shown near the end of each listing.)

(updated July 14, 1997)

Victoria Garton began publishing her poetry in the mid '70swhile she was in her twenties. She has kept a daily journal since shewas a child and develops poems from the entries. Her writing hasappeared in a variety of journals and small magazines. In addition towriting, Victoria is a teacher in Independence, Missouri.(6/96) "July Fireworks" - Issue #14

Ron Germundson is a veteran of the Vietnam war, where heserved with the Army 173rd Airborne Brigade. He started writing in1985, and later joined Veterans For Peace, speaking to students aboutthe realities of war. Ron is a freelance photographer and workspart-time doing recreational therapy for youths with drug and alcoholproblems at a hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is also working ona children's book. (5/95)

"The Fisherman"

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

"Walking Point"

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

photograph at the Wall

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

Paul Gillie, of Olympia, Washington, studied and wrotepoetry throughout his fifteen years as a high school teacher ofAmerican literature and through seventeen years as a politicalresearcher. When he retired in 1993, he began sharing his writingthrough publication and readings. Paul's current work-in-progress isa lengthy narrative inspired by the life and loves of John Ruskin,the Victorian-era aesthete turned radical social reformer.(8/96) "Eternal Combustion" & "Out ofthe Box" - Issue #15

Melinda Giordano created the drawing for "The Pawn." She isa freelance illustrator from Los Angeles whose pen and ink works haveappeared the Western Humanities Review, Amelia, Stone CountryMagazine, New Renaissance, Bone and Flesh, and several otherpublications. She majored in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts atUCLA. (8/94) . drawing, - Issue #4

Phillip Good is a former professor of computer science atthe University of Georgia. He now lives in Southern California. Fourof his stories have appeared in print, but he has many more storiesand a novel or two in search of a publisher. The stories published inEchoes are taken from a longer work telling of the life of Pinkie, ahomeless man living on Huntington Beach, California.(8/94)

"Shave and a Haircut"

Issue #3

"Night Shift"

Issue #4

Duane Goodridge is a decorated Marine Corps veteran, nowretired, who served in Vietnam. He is a graduate of CapitalUniversity and lives near Lithopolis, Ohio. Duane's poetry reflectshis personal experience, and he often relates contemporary veteransto the Native American warriors of the past. He is active inveterans' affairs and is pursuing a writing career.(5/95)

"Eyes of the Warrior"

Issue #1

"Requiem for a Warrior"

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

John Grey is an Australian-born poet, playwright, andmusician who now lives in Providence, Rhode Island. His play "Wake ToIt" was recently performed at the Newgate Theatre there. John's workhas appeared recently in the Louisville Review, LouisianaReview, and Cathartic. (12/96)

"After the Battle"

Issue #11

"Later in Life"

Issue #16

Charles Griffin currently lives at the air force base inLittle Rock, Arkansas. An ex-soldier, ex-sailor, and former PeaceCorps volunteer, he is now a poet, photographer, and freelancewriter. (12/95)


Issue #3

"The Stranger's Touch"

Issue #6

Dolores Guglielmo was born in August 1928, in Long Island,New York. She has a BA in English from Queens College and iscurrently working towards her Masters in English at St. John'sUniversity. Her favorite writers are Hemingway, Wilde, Waugh, andAustin. Her work has appeared in over forty-five literary magazinesand journals. (4/97) "Lady" -Issue #17(Memorial Day1997)


























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