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Jim Lamoreux did a tour of duty in Vietnam with the Army,where he was stationed at a large ammo dump. He says that thosewartime experiences, when he was nineteen, helped him develop anextremely high value for life. He currently works with the Bureau ofLand Management. His office is in a government office building, whichgives him a unique perspective on the recent terrorism in OklahomaCity. (5/95)

"Circle of Sun" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #6

"Angel" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

"Oklahoma" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)

"The Tree" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #12

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D. Thomas Lang grew up on a farm near Portland, Oregon. Heserved as a colonel in the Civil Air Patrol and is a combat veteranof Operation Desert Storm. He has been published as both a poet and anews writer; his poetry has appeared in the anthologies Days ofFuture's Past, Whispers In The Wind, the 1993 American PoetryAnnual, and Memories. His Desert Storm poem "BusterSeven," which appears in this issue, received honorable mention inthe 1993 Longfellow Awards and was selected for the 1994 President'sAward for Literary Excellence. (5/95) ."BusterSeven" - Issue #8(Memorial Day 1995)

Paul Larson is a student at Northern Kentucky University,majoring in English. Originally from Salt Lake City, Paul has beenwriting poetry for about seven years and hopes that his writing willhelp instill in others an appreciation of the many ordinary butwonderful things in life. (5/94) . "CabinDays" - Issue #2

Dorie LaRue teaches creative writing and composition atLouisiana State University in Shreveport, and has taught at LSU inBaton Rouge and at Grambling State University. Dorie has publishedshort stories, poetry, book reviews, and interviews and is poetryeditor of the Quarterly Journal of Ideology. She has alsopublished two books of poetry, and she recently completed a novel.(5/95) . "Watching Two Homeless Men at theShreve Memorial Library on the Coldest Day in March" - Issue #9

Sean Lavelle is a high-school senior in Avon Lake, Ohio, "amiddle-everything suburb of Cleveland." He wrote "Gaia," the firstpoem he has had published, to explore "acceptance of death and thecyclical nature of life." (11/94) "Gaia"- Issue #6

Ron Lawrence is a Media Director at one of the "Top 10" adagencies in Los Angeles. His work has been published frequently inthe advertising trades, but he has only been writing poetry since1991, the day he lingered to watch his six-year-old daughter walk toclass. (8/94) . "Pawn" - Issue #4

J. T. Ledbetter was born on a farm in southern Illinois,received his doctorate in English from the University of Nebraska,and now teaches American literature, modern poetry, and creativewriting at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. He notesthat he admires and learns from the work of Thomas Merton, WilliamFaulkner, and Robert Frost. (6/94) . "WhiteAzaleas" - Issue #9

Cliff R. Leonard is a Marine Corps veteran who performedground reconnaissance during the Vietnam war. He is now a privateinvestigator, concentrating primarily on finding missing persons. Hehas been writing for about five years, and became interested inpoetry two years ago. (5/94) . "Boys: Deadand Gone" - Issue#8(Memorial Day 1995)

Don Lewis and his wife Carolyn live in a wooded setting onthe shore of a small lake in Lupton, Michigan. They have fourchildren and eight grandchildren. Don is a veteran of the Korean war,and worked as a printer for thirty years before he fell (literally)into the ranks of the disabled. Don was first published in 1979, andwrites both fiction and nonfiction, including a column for theOgemaw County Herald. "Writing gives me not only a sense ofcreativity, but of usefulness." (12/94) ."The Lesson" - Issue #6

Ed Loeswick started writing poetry about ten years ago. Helives in Half Moon bay, California, and owns and runs a company thatdesigns and sells computer networks. He also enjoys surfing and bodysurfing -- and he can check the waves from his kitchen window.(1/94) . "No Final Answers" - Issue #1

Sean Aden Lovelace, twenty-seven, is a registered nurse whoworks with psychiatric patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has beenwriting poems seriously for a little over a year, though he has oftenwritten newsletters, humorous plays, and other literary projects.Inspired by the honest narrative style of Pulitzer Prize winners RitaDove and Yusef Komunyakaa, Sean enjoys meaningful stories of humanitypresented in poetic form. (4/97) . "Strong and Silent" -Issue #17(Memorial Day 1997)

























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