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NOTE: Bios were provided by the writers and were current as of the date originally prepared. (Shown near the end of each listing.)

(updated October 14,1997)

Ann Mack has taught seventh grade English for seventeenyears. Ann is an avid fan of amateur wrestling, is married to thecoach, is a wrestler's mother, and has taught many wrestlers &emdash;a wealth of background for her story. (Her husband's hobby of makingmaple syrup adds some flavor to the story, too.) Favorite writersinclude Louise Erdrich, Michael Dorris, Alice Walker, and "any otherwriter who makes me wish I could have told that compelling story,created that unforgettable character, or used language socreatively."    (12/96)"CradleDreams" - Issue #16

Don Mager teaches English at Johnson C. Smith University inCharlotte, North Carolina. He has published poems for the last twentyyears or so, and his work has appeared in a number of journals,including North Dakota Review, Kenyon, and Black WarriorReview, as well as in several anthologies. Don also translatespoetry from Czech and German. (6/95) ."Text for the Day" - Issue #4

Sarah Mantz is a student at Salisbury High School nearAllentown, Pennsylvania. She enjoys many creative activities,including writing, painting, ceramics, and stone sculpture, and hopesto pursue a career in either architecture or psychiatry.(7/94) . "April" - Issue #4

Carl Marcum lives in Tucson, where he is studying creativewriting at the University of Arizona. Carl originally wrote "Espinas"in Spanish, and later rewrote it in English. He is working on hisfirst book of poetry. (8/94) ."Espinas" - Issue #4

Myrna Marler teaches English at Brigham YoungUniversity-Hawaii and heads the creative writing program there, andis completing a PhD in American studies at the University of Hawaii.Writing credits include The New Era, Ensign, The Wasatch ReviewInternational, and Sunstone. (6/95). "Only Mothers Cry at Weddings" - Issue #9

Jennifer L. Martin is working on a Masters in English atEast Carolina University in Greenville. She is twenty-three and hasbeen writing seriously since she was in middle school. Her favoritewriters include Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons, John Sanford,Patricia Cornwell, and Sue Grafton. (7/97)"Silent Voices" - Issue #18

Ralph E. Martin retired from federal government service tenyears ago and now lives in Richmond, VA. He has been writing poetryfor about thirty years as a hobby and has been published in literarymagazines such as The Iconoclast, Explorations, Elk River Review,Parnassus, Small Pond, Riverrun, Fox Cry, Soundings East, andmany others. He was inspired to write "Chicago Dawn" while living onthe thirtieth floor of a high-rise in Chicago where the walls werenot soundproof. (8/96) "Chicago Dawn" -Issue #15

Dan McAfee is thirty-five and lives in "The Mythical HillsEast of Ft. Wayne, Indiana" with his wife, Cindy, and their threechildren. He works in a very technical environment -- computersupport -- and swings wildly between his artistic and technicalsides. At times he won't write for months...until a poem or storyidea attracts his attention. (1/94) ."MustangIsland" - Issue #1

Michael F. McClure teaches writing and English atOglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. He believes that "writingis a primary path toward self-awareness and self-creation." He's beenwriting poetry, fiction, and personal essays for about thirty-fiveyears, and has recently appeared in Thinker Review, Phase andCircle, and Poets, Artists and Madmen.(6/95) . "Friends' Lake at Night" -Issue #9

Elaine McHenry is a poet and writer from Albany, New York.Her work has appeared on CDs and in several literary magazines in theUnites States and England. She performs her work in a variety ofclubs, coffeehouses, and performing arts centers.(12/95) . "Uncle Billy" . &"Another Papa's Waltz" - Issue #11

Jack D. McKinney lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where heworks in film and video production. "Puppies" is his first publishedshort story. It is inspired in part by the many litters of bassethound pups that his family raised when he was a boy.(12/96) "Puppies" - Issue #16

Katherine M. Mercurio is an undergraduate English major atthe University of Massachusetts - Lowell, where she "has been ropedinto being the poetry editor for The Lowell Pearl." Her work haspreviously appeared in The Ledge, Riverrun, The South Coast PoetryJournal, Potpourri, and others. She hopes "to graduate this yearand get a high enough GRE to get into grad school."(10/95)

"Returning to School". . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #1

"Remembering Thoreau". . . . . . . . .

Issue #5

"For You, My Natural Brother". . . .

Issue #5

John N. Miller is "a curmudgeonly old whippersnapper who'sbeen peddling his verse for more than three decades." He's also amember of the English Department and, since 1986, director of theCreative Writing program at Denison University in Granville, Ohio (in"the heart of it all," the license plates proclaim).(1/94) . "Learningthe Local Accent" - Issue #1

Theron Montgomery is an associate professor of English andcreative writing at Troy State University in Alabama. He is thefounding editor of the Alabama Literary Review and has beenpublished in other journals such as the Texas Review, TampaReview, and the South Carolina Review.(5/95) . "Mimingthe Lieutenant" - Issue #8(Memorial Day 1995)

Gene Moser grew upas an "army brat." He graduated from Fishburne Military School andthe College of William and Mary and spent twenty-seven years as afield artillery officer (active-duty, reserve, and National Guard),including a tour in Korea. He now teaches tenth-grade English inHampton, Virginia, and is a fiction editor and columnist forEWGPresents, an online literary magazine. Gene is married withtwo adult children and has an assortment of dogs and cats. Gene'shobbies include photography, model railroading, and "finding steamlocomotives, preferably operating ones."(4/97)

"Courage" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #12

"A Minor Incident" . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #13 (Memorial Day 1996)

"The Last Run" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #16

"Night Attack" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Issue #17 (Memorial Day 1997)

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