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NOTE: Bios were provided by the writers and were current as of the date originally prepared. (Shown near the end of each listing.)

(updated October 14,1997)

Shann Palmer is director of choral music at TrinityEpiscopal High School in Richmond, Virginia. Shann's brother andgrandfather were Navy men, and "Warrior" was inspired by the death ofa young man killed by mortar fire at Bien Thuy in the final days ofhis tour in Vietnam. Shann notes that Echoes accepted"Warrior" on the anniversary of the young man's death.(4/96) "Warrior"  - Issue #13 (MemorialDay 1996)

Lisa Parker is a graduate of GeorgeMason University and is now a member of Penn State's MFA program increative writing. Her writing explores the oral history of Appalachiaand different facets of her life, including memories of growing up inrural Virginia. In the future she hopes to teach creative writing.(6/96) .


Issue #3


Issue #3

"Memorial Day, 1993"

Issue #8 (Memorial Day 1995)


Issue #9

VETERANS -- especially Vietnam Vets -- Don't miss Lisa's "Memorial Day, 1993"

Tiffany S. Patrick lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts,where she and her family own and operate a consulting firm. Tiffanyis twenty-six and has been writing for ten years. Her imagination,travels, and the incredible people she has encountered inspire her towrite. Tiffany has written many short stories and is currentlyworking on both a novel and a screenplay.(8/95) "The Race to Darlington"-Issue #10

Vicky Perry is a lifelong residentof New York who has been drawing since childhood. She paintslandscapes and draws inspiration for her illustrations fromchildren's books. (4/97) .

Illustrations in issues #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,

April Petross, twenty-three, is a native of Texas. Shegraduated from Austin College and is now enrolled in the MFA programin creative writing at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Her poemshave appeared in Cymbals and Rafters.(6/96) . "Wasting Berries" -Issue #14

Sylvia Petter is a forty-six-year-old native of Australiawho now works for an international organization in Geneva. She liveswith her husband and daughter in France. She reports thatVision, an Australian magazine, published two of her poemswhen she was sixteen. Sylvia started writing fiction in her sparetime in 1993, and has been published in Switzerland, Japan, and theUnited States. (6/95) "Fire Cries"- Issue #9

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Kristin M. Pfeifer is twenty-eight years old and lives inHarmony, Pennsylvania, where she has taught middle school English forthe past seven years. "Inspiration for my poetry comes from MargePiercy, Margaret Atwood, my husband and family, the ten or twentystray cats I feed, and everyday experiences."(7/97) "Ancient Master, Li Po" -Issue #18

Michael L. Pierich is forty-six, a civil engineeringproject administrator who lives in a rural area north of Harrisburg,Pennsylvania, with his wife and two teenagers. He notes that hewrites for self-expression, personal satisfaction, and for itstherapeutic benefits. (6/96) "Hummingbirds"- Issue #14

Ann Marie Pietrantonio is a full-time student with aspecial interest in drama, journalism, and language arts. She hasbeen writing "since I was old enough to pick up the crayons" and saysthat she is inspired by "situations so real they seem unreal, anddreams so unreal they seem real." Ann Marie names Langston Hughes,Nikki Giovanni, and Edna St. Vincent Millay as sources ofinspiration. (8/95) "Sweet Sixteen" -Issue #10

Rick Pittman is forty-two and teaches English at the parishhigh school in Columbia, Louisiana and at Northeast LouisianaUniversity in Monroe. He is a playwright and a published author ofpoetry, essays, and nonfiction, inspired by dialogue, news, andreading. His favorite modern writer is Saul Bellow, whose works werethe basis of Rick's thesis. (8/95) ."The Face on the Train" - Issue #10

Joshua Pollock is a third-year student at WesleyanUniversity and hopes to teach creative writing. He is also anactivist for environmental and social justice, and during thesummers, he leads expeditions that include hiking, rock climbing,caving, and canoeing. He cites Adrienne Rich, Galway Kinnell, andDenise Levertov as significant influences.(2/95) "Not Fast Enough" -Issue #7

Elouise E. Postle is a poet and storyteller who has spentmore than thirty years speaking to a variety of civic organizations,churches, and children's creative writing workshops. She is agraduate of the University of Arkansas and in 1990 received an OhioSenate Citation for her service in promoting poetry in Ohio.(8/95) . "Bright Yesterdays" -Issue #10

Luke A. Powers teaches English and folklore at TennesseeState University, a historically black college in Nashville. He wasborn in Chattanooga in 1962, studied English and folklore at theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and received his PhD inEnglish from Vanderbilt University. He is presently at work on atextbook that teaches composition using the process of folklorecollection. (6/95) . "Ethnography" &"Office Hours" - Issue #9

Dominic Preziosi is thirty years old and lives in theCarroll Gardens section of Brooklyn with his wife, Lisa. He holds anMFA from Brooklyn College and an MA from the City University of NewYork. Dominic has worked in publishing since 1987 and is currentlycopy chief at Data Communications magazine, but he hopes one day toteach creative writing for a living. Dominic names Joyce, Cheever,O'Connor, and Carver as writers who have influenced his work.(8/96) "Provider, Protector" -Issue #15

Emery Proctor, forty-five, lives with his wife, Deborah, inTucson, Arizona After over twenty years experience in the field ofbusiness, he decided to quit and write full time. One of hisprincipal beliefs is that "failures of the human imagination are ofthe worst kind." (10/94) ."The Beehive Lady" - Issue #15

James S. Proffitt is a twenty-seven-year-old writer wholives and works in Cincinnati. He is currently working on his firstbook and has had poems published in Poet Lore, SouthCarolina Review, and Touchstone.(7/97) "Dog" - Issue #18

























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