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NOTE: Bios were provided by the writers and were current as of the date originally prepared. (Shown near the end of each listing.)

(updated October 14,1997)

Lis Safion is a recent graduate of the State University ofNew York, in Purchase. She is an aspiring freelance writer who alsoworks as events coordinator for a local bookstore. Her work hasappeared in Mind in Motion, Talking Raven, New Voices in Poetryand Prose, Collages and Bricollages, and the TwilightUniversity Press Anthology, among others.(4/94) "Fulfilled"- Issue #2

Leonard Sanazaro, forty-six, teaches English, the classics,and creative writing at the City College of San Francisco. Leonardstarted writing poetry when he was fifteen. His poems have beenpublished in Denver Quarterly, Antioch Review, and many others.(7/97) "At Your Country Wedding" -Issue #18

J. W. Sayles is a sophomore at Skidmore College, has beenwriting since high school, and enjoys playing the guitar and writingsongs. "Song to Dylan Thomas" was originally written as lyrics to asong.  (1/94) "Songto Dylan Thomas" - Issue #1

Carrie Scarff grew up in rural western Ohio, then spentseveral years as an urban planner in San Diego. She began writingfiction about four years ago, and recently moved back to her hometown to concentrate on writing. Carrie wrote "Failures" in an attemptto make sense of a true story in which a father let his son fall. Shehopes to enter a graduate program in writing in the fall.(12/94) "Failures" - Issue #6

Dan Scheltema is thirty-eight and has been writing proseand poetry on and off all his life. In "real life" he works as atechnical consultant in computer networking. Inspiration comes fromanywhere and everything: from memories of growing up on the Amazon,news on CNN or NPR, and everyday happenings.(12/94) "Farewell to an Old Friend" #6-- January/February 1995

Barbara Schnell is a thirty-one-year-old freelancejournalist, writer, and mother of two who lives in Krefeld, Germany.Barbara has been writing and translating professionally for thirteenyears. "The Bridge" is part of her first novel, now in progress.(4/96) "The Bridge"- Issue #13(Memorial Day 1996)

J. Scott works for a footwear company in SouthernCalifornia, and has been writing a daily journal and poetry forseveral years, but "Grant Avenue" is the first of his poems to bepublished. (8/94) "Grant Avenue" -Issue #4

Pearl Bloch Segall, a native of Chicago, leads a peacefulexistence in Ohio suburbia, where she collects images and translatesthem into poetry, mostly lyrical. She has been writing for sixteenyears or so, and her poems appear in many magazines across thecountry. Pearl is now fifty-six, and her four children are grown, soshe "has time to reflect upon times past."(12/96) "Hurricane Watch: A SilentSymphony" - Issue #16

Christina Sergeyevna was born in London in 1958 andcurrently lives in Austin, Texas. She is a survivor of Hodgkin'sdisease and much of her poetry reflects the precariousness of life.Her work has recently appeared in the Berkeley Poetry Review, DancingShadow Review, Journal of Poetry Therapy, and Healing Journal.(12/96) "Winter View"- Issue #16

Deborah Ann Shalders is a family physician, educator, andartist who started writing poetry about fifteen years ago. Most ofher more recent work is inspired by the life stories of her patients.She currently lives near Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a"gentlewoman farmer," finding the solace for writing amongst thesheep, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits and llama that share herpeaceable kingdom. (12/94) "A Sonnetfor Patricia" & "Pianoman" - Issue #6

Kari Sharp hill is thirty-eight years old and has lived inWashington state all her life. For the past ten years, she has been"visiting a place inside her head where her characters lounge on deepcouches and wait for her to notice them." She has been published inOre East and Left Bank, and was a 1991 Fishtrap Fellow.(8/95)


Issue #2

"Bowling the Cosmos"

Issue #10

Stephanie Shriner is a senior English major at MississippiState University. She plans to attend graduate school and somedayteach writing at a college or university. She is inspired to write bya desire to experiment with language and the need to express heremotions and beliefs. (4/94) "My TravelingDays" Issue#2

Ruth B. Shult was born and raised in upstate New York, withthe Erie Canal in her backyard. After completing graduate school atMcMaster University in Ontario, Canada, she taught literature andwriting for more than 30 years. Now retired, she has the time topursue her lifelong hobby of story-writing. Among her favoriteauthors are James Michener, Anna Quindlen, and Amy Tan. (6/96) "ErieCanal Days" - Issue #14

Valerie K. Simon is a First Lieutenant in the U.S. AirForce, a specialized navigator stationed in Nebraska. While she lovesflying, she also likes to go for walks, read, play the piano -- andwrite. Valerie holds a degree in Mathematics from the University inWashington and has participated in poetry seminars. In addition toall her other responsibilities, Valerie is a graduate student inHuman Relations at the University of Oklahoma.(10/94) "Revelation"- Issue #5

Bob Sloan is a Navy veteran whose stories and poetry haveappeared in Appalachian Heritage, Kentucky Poetry Review, andseveral others. He has completed two novels and is working on athird. (6/94) "Troops"- Issue #3

Kristine Somerville is currently a candidate for an MA increative writing at University of Missouri. In the past year,Kristine has been working with prose poems, exploring the linebetween fiction and poetry. Before that, she worked mostly infiction, writing several stories which have been published. Her workhas appeared in: Many Mountains Moving, Eclipse, Interim, andothers. (8/96) "Things Said" -Issue #15

Ferrilyn Sourdiffe has been with Echoessince our first issue. She grew up in Vermont, is a graduate ofBennington College, and now lives in upstate New York. In addition tolots of "mothering, drawing, and singing," Ferrilyn designs hookedrugs for McAdoo Rugs of North Bennington, Vermont.(9/95)

Illustrations in issues1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,16

Eileen Spinelli is from Phoenixville,Pennsylvania. "When I am not writing poems, stories, and books forchildren, you might find me pouring tea...trying on hats...pickingherbs...painting in my dream journal...browsing in thriftshops...dancing barefoot...waiting for the mailman my husband...curled up with a novel...taking a nap on the backporch. Zzzzzzz." (6/96) "Homeless"- Issue #14

Bruce Alan Spitzer is a thirty-two-year-old English teacherat Allen County Community College in Iola, Kansas. He taughtjunior/senior high school for six years before teaching college.Bruce has been writing for ten years, and enjoys reading poetry byGerard Manley Hopkins, Elizabeth Bishop, and William Stafford. Brucesays that where most people see something and try to capture it witha camera, he tries to capture what he sees in words.(2/95) "Highway 169" - Issue #7

Liza Steinberg is a sophomore at Northwestern University.She is involved in the theatre at Northwestern and hopes to some daywrite and direct for the stage. (12/94)"Byram Lake"- Issue #6

Genevieve Stephens was born in Michigan, and received herBA and MA from Central Michigan University. Genevieve says that inthe summer she enjoys paining and welding non-objective metalsculpture, and spends the winters in Florida, where she enjoyspainting, planting, and collecting. Genevieve's work has appeared inAldebaran, the Christian Science Monitor, Cumberland PoetryReview, Fox Cry, and others. (12/95) "Frost" - Issue #11

Elsie Wear Stockwell is a painter and poet who lives inBrighton, Massachusetts with "a big family and two large dogs." Shehas published two books, For a Stranger Here and The LightBetween the Leaves. Elsie's poems have appeared in Blood andFire Review, The Iconoclast, Potpourri, WholeNotes, and Yankee, among others.(7/97) "Labor Day "- Issue #18

Shay Story is a twenty-eight-year-old musician who playsthe French horn in two symphony orchestras. Colleen has enjoyedwriting all of her life and her favorite writers are Richard Bach,Vladimir Nabakov, Ernest Hemingway, and Sting. Her works have beenappeared in The Country Connection, Once Upon A Time,and Writers' International Forum.(7/97) "Megadeth and Pirates "-Issue #18

Adelia Sugarman, who is nine years old,did the drawings for "Outside the Lines" under the guidance of hermother, Ferrilyn Sourdiffe. Adelia's main interest is reading.(6/95) drawings - Issue #9

Cora Sugarman, who is five years old, didtwo drawings for "Love Letters" under the guidance of her mother,Ferrilyn Sourdiffe. (6/94) drawings -Issue #3

























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