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Donna Walker-Nixon teaches creative writing at theUniversity of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Waco, Texas, where she is alsoadvisor to the literary magazine. Donna began writing in college andhas continued ever since. Donna likes to get into the minds of hercharacters so she can express their points of view.(12/95)

"Junie Dee Gets Married"

Issue #4

"Gone to Canada"

Issue #7

" Any Old Wind That Blows"

Issue #11

Judith Warga is thirty-one years old and lives in Yokohama,Japan, where she teaches English. Judith says most of her inspirationcomes from her surroundings, when she is running, walking, or evenriding the train. The idea for "Nihongo No Sensei" ("JapaneseTeacher") came during her first year in Japan, when she visited theHachimangu Shrine; the large bell there is struck 108 times on NewYear's, with each strike representing a prayer.(1/96). "Why Does the Fat Man Weep"& "Nihongo No Sensei" - Issue #12

Thomas F. Webster, Jr. is currently completing his BA inEnglish. He also works full-time as a salesman and is coeditor of theschool literary magazine. He has been writing "for as long as I canremember." As a child, he dictated stories to his mother so he couldthen illustrate them, and his love of writing has continued eversince. (8/95) "Ex Nihio" -Issue #4

Jack Welch is a professor of English at Abilene ChristianUniversity and features editor of the Christian Chronicle, andhe has many stories, novels and screenplays to his credit. Beforemoving to Texas, Jack taught at West Virginia University and BethanyCollege. (8/95)


Issue #1

"Dissonance in My Hometown Mind"

Issue #5

"Driving from Abilene to Austin at Night"

Issue #5

"West Texas Mist"

Issue #10

Paul Whitmer, thirty-four, is a computer operator who beganwriting in 1993 out of "an overwhelming need to be creative.""Christmas Potpourri" was inspired by an argument his sister had withher teenage son. Paul noted that he admires Stephen King "for hisincredible imagination and his ability to shock the reader." (12/96) "ChristmasPotpourri" - Issue16

Lane Wiemann lives in Montana with his wife and children,and has worked on an Indian reservation there for many years. Afternot writing much since his school days, Lane resumed writing poetryas an outgrowth of recording his own emotional and spiritual journey.He especially enjoys writing about the road many of us must travel toattain wholeness, healing, and joy in life.(2/94) "Ina Cabin" - Issue #3

Visit the Lane's Recovery Poetry Spa

Andrew P. Williams, thirty-one, is assistant professor ofliterature at North Carolina Central University in Durham. He is anative of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Slippery RockUniversity. He has been writing poetry for about ten years and hasbeen published in Double Entendre, the New Growth ArtsReview, and many others. Andrew is working on a collection ofpoetry entitled "Artifacts and Other Remains."(7/97) "I Have Left the Counting of Starsto You" - Issue #18

John C. Williams is a junior at St. John's College inAnnapolis, Maryland, where he is studying philosophy and mathematics.He's been writing for about five years now, and wrote "Karma Cafe" as"an attempt to write something concrete and realistic." Among hisfavorite authors are Nabokov, Pynchon, and Kundera. "I write becauseI don't think I could bear to stop -- although sometimes I wish Icould." (2/95) "Karma Cafe" - Issue #7

Judith H. Windt, fifty-two, lives in Menlo Park,California, where she freelances as a health and medical writer, "andundergoes mad weekend fits of gardening." She has published shortstories in The Sun, Pleiades, Room of One's Own, and Pig Iron, amongothers. "Queen of the Lake" arose from an interest in mothers anddaughters and a recent jewel-like backpacking trip in the SierraNevada. (6/96) "Queenof the Lake" - Issue #14

Debra Witkin recently completed a psychology major atFranklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.(8/95) "Fish Bowl" - Issue #10

Melissa Anne Wohl says she wrote "Tito" to cleanse her mindand spirit after her stepfather died of AIDS. Melissa says that shewrites "almost in a fugue state," and that most of her poems arewritten at one sitting. (11/95) "Tito"- Issue #11

James Wright has been testing software for WordPerfectCorporation for the past 6 years. He began writing fiction in 1993;since then he has published four stories in as many genres, and wasrecently admitted as an associate member of Science Fiction andFantasy Writers of America. In his spare time, he also performs as astandup comedian. (6/94) "LoveLetters" - Issue #3

Linda K. Wright has worked as a logistics technician formany years, and has recently started to write fiction and poetry on asteady basis. Most of her work deals with societal issues. Lindanames poets Nikki Giovanni and Robert Browning and fiction writersToni Morrison and Ursula LeGuin as influences on her writing.(6/95)

"Outside the Lines"

Issue #9

"Every Day Is Mother's Day"

Issue #14

Rebecca Wu-Norman is a native ofupstate New York. Rebecca is fourteen and attends a small boardingschool in Massachusetts, where she spends much of her time paintingand sketching. (6/95) drawings -Issue #9

























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