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Echoes had to suspend publication due to lack of funds, so we are no longer accepting submissions.

Please enjoy the library, the tools for writers, and all the other material at this site! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep updating this Website unless Echoes is able to resume publication.)

  • Copies of classic issues are still available. Browse the Library and order your favorites!

As with writing, we look for visual work that grabs the average person's interest and presents a personal response to life or a strong philosophical perspective. Before you submit work, please read the Editorial Philosophy and Writer Guidelines. We suggest that you also obtain a sample copy or review the online Library before submitting work.

If you have drawings or photographs that you would like considered for publication, please understand that except on the cover, all drawings are printed in black-and-white. Most drawings in Echoes are illustrations, but drawings may be used in special sections (by one or more artists or photographers), often in connection with a specific theme such as Memorial Day or the homeless.

Please send 4 - 6 drawings, 4" x 6" to 8" x 10" in size. To save postage and protect your originals, we suggest you send high-quality grayscale photocopies, if available. Unless you request otherwise (and provide an appropriate self addressed, postage-paid mailer), submissions will not be returned.

Illustrating stories or poetry: If you want to illustrate stories or poetry, please send 5-6 drawings that show your range of medium (pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, woodcut), subject matter (people, landscape, still life), and style. Remember that drawings are printed in black-and-white. If you have a copy of Echoes, we suggest that you pick a story and show us what you would do with it -- or use any short story and send a copy of the story with your illustrations.

Be sure to enclose a cover letter explaining whether you are submitting work for publication or as a sample for illustration. And please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, and let us know where you heard about Echoes.

There is no cash payment, but if your work is accepted, we will send you five complimentary copies of that issue -- a $25 value. (If you want additional copies, you can purchase them at a very substantial discount from the regular price.) By submitting work, you agree to grant Echoes permission to publish that work.

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