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Echoes Editorial Philosophy

Here at Echoes, we believe that creative writing and other forms of art provide a way for people to share their unique feelings and philosophies and to see how others think and feel. The arts are fun, of course, but they're also unique forms of communication that affect individuals and entire cultures.

We believe in the fundamental value of the person, and look for writing that affirms this belief, that shows the effect actions and experiences have on people, that speaks to the essential humanity that connects us all. We seek stories and poems that touch the powerful feelings we all experience in the course of our lives: pain, love, uncertainty, joy, anger, fear -- the emotions that motivate and empower us, or inhibit growth and block our ability to act.

A writer's work may appear in the concise imagery of a poem or the longer structure of a short story or play. It may spring from everyday relationships, from experiences with nature's tiny creatures or awesome power -- or from darker forces such as racism, traumatic accidents, or the death of a friend or loved one.

Our annual Memorial Day issues concern war and peace, military service, honor and loss - all with a focus on the person.


Echoes had to suspend publication due to lack of funds.

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  • We are not accepting submissions.
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Please enjoy the library, the tools for writers, and all the other material at this site! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep updating this Website unless Echoes is able to resume publication.)

Peter Crownfield, Editor

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