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February 6,1998


Echoes had to suspend publication due to lack of funds, so we are no longer accepting submissions.

Please enjoy the library, the tools for writers, and all the other material at this site! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep updating this Website unless Echoes is able to resume publication.)

  • Copies of classic issues are still available. Browse the Library and order your favorites!

These abbreviated guidelines cover essentials and items that vary from publisher to publisher. If you are not familiar with Echoes or the submission process, please read the detailed guidelines

About Echoes

What we want:
  • Stories and poems that fit our editorial philosophy.
    (Seems obvious, but you'd be amazed at some of the things people submit!)
  • Clear, down-to-earth writing with a natural style.
  • No gratuitous profanity, sex, or violence.
  • No simultaneous submissions or published work
    (If your story or poem was published in a very limited circulation, such as a college or local publication, we may consider it if you supply information about when and where it was published.)
  • Avoid stories or poems whose subject or metaphor is writing, poetry, the difficulties of being a writer,or the meaning of writing.
  • Stories and poetry only - No personal essays or nonfiction articles.

Acceptance rate: We publish only about 5% of work submitted

New and student writers - Despite our low acceptance ratio, Echoes is very accessible to new and student writers, in addition to those who are more experienced. So that we can remain accessible to new writers and respond more promptly to submissions, we ask those who have already submitted work to Echoes to please wait six months before trying again.

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Length of stories, number of poems:

  • Stories & plays: 500-7,500* words
    NOTE: We look for characters that the reader will care about, characters that grow and change !
     * Stories over 3500 words tend to experience a lower acceptance ratio.
  • Poetry: Prefer 30 lines or less, will consider up to 100 lines.
    No more than four poems per submission.


Each issue closes about 3 months before publication.

Submissions for the annual Memorial Day issue are due by February 15. Submissions received after the cutoff will be considered if time permits.

Mailing (cover letter, addresses, SASE, Email...)

  • Please include a cover letter that tells us about you and where you heard about Echoes (this helps us know which locations are effective),
    • If you are a student please indicate your age and where you go to school.
    • If you have an E-mail address, please include it (even if you submit by regular mail).
  • SASE -- We do not respond to submissions received without a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    If you are mailing from outside the U.S., please include an IRC (International Reply Coupon) and self-addressed stamped envelope. If you want your work returned, you will need 2 or more IRC. 

  • Send it!

    We welcome submissions by Email or disk -- and you may appreciate the savings in postage! 
    (Text files only! -- Please read the page on submitting computer files first!)

    Addresses for submissions

Questions? Check with the Editor at


Submissions are read by two or more people. If a submission is in keeping with our editorial philosophy and standards, we will contact you as promptly as possible.

We receive of over 200 stories and poems a month. Subscribers receive faster responses and individual replies. (See Subscriber benefits.) Check our progress report page to see current response times.


Payment consists of copies of the issue in which your work is published.

Library of Congress: If your work is accepted, we require authorization to permit the Library of Congress (at its option) to make audio or Braille versions for the handicapped. 

If you have already submitted, please wait six months before submitting again.

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