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Echoes had to suspend publication due to lack of funds, so we have no contests running.

Please enjoy the library, the tools for writers, and all the other material at this site! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep updating this Website unless Echoes is able to resume publication.)

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  • Use plain white 8-1/2" x 11" paper, 20-pound weight.
  • Use only one side of the page

    Photocopies: Full-size photocopies are OK, as long as they are clear and easy-to-read (no blurry outlines, no black spots sprinkled around.) Remember, the people who read your entry do a lot of reading!

Margins and spacing:

  • Maintain 1" margins on all sides
  • Double-space all text
  • Keep text left-justified, (except poems that you want centered*). Avoid multiple columns.
  • Begin each new paragraph with a <TAB> or insert a blank line between paragraphs.
    * We recommend that you left-justify your work. In the majority of cases, centering the lines
    of a poem just makes it hard to read.

Typeface ("font"):

  • Use a plain typeface in a normal (12-point) size. Your goal should be to make your manuscript easy to read. (Underline words that would be italicized, such as titles of books or newspapers). The right combination of type and margins yields approximately 250 words per page.

    Your work is much easier to review if you use a single easy-to-read typeface. This becomes even more important if the manuscript needs to be scanned so a copy can be sent to faraway judges via E-mail.
    Please use Courier, Letter Gothic, or an equivalent typeface. Do not use boldface, italics, script, or other unique typefaces.

Title page:

  • Please be sure to attach your entry to a completed Entry Form that lists all titles that you are entering.
    (Do not include a separate title page or include your name on the manuscript.)

Page headers:

  • Make sure the title appears at the top of each story or poem.
  • If a poem carries over to another page, indicate at the top whether it is a new stanza
  • On multipage stories or poems, show the title and the page number at the top of each page. Use paper clips, not staples.
  • Show the number of words at the top of the first page of a story.


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