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Since Echoes was founded in 1993, we have tried our best to respond promptly, because we know you are waiting to here about your submission. We receive more than 15 times as many submissions as we can afford to print, but we do our very best to respond as soon as we can. The volume of submissions varies widely, and during the 2-3 weeks when an issue is being finalized for the printers, work on submissions slows dramatically. So backlogs do develop from time to time. (See notice below)

We do not require writers to subscribe in order to submit their work, as some publications do -- but to show our thanks to writers who support Echoes by subscribing, we review submissions from subscribers before those from non-subscribers. Within each group, we review submissions in the order we receive them. (Accepted work generally appears 2 - 9 months after acceptance.)

(We have replied to all submissions.)


Echoes has suspended publication due to lack of funds.

Please enjoy the library, the tools for writers, and all the other material at this site! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep updating this Website unless Echoes is able to resume publication.)

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  • We are not accepting submissions.
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Peter Crownfield, Editor

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